– Character creation:
Unleash your creativity in crafting a character that reflects your playstyle. Whether you’re a diplomatic Zyrrathi or a cunning Radiant, your journey begins by defining your avatar’s traits, beliefs, profession and much more.

– Spaceship customization:
Your spaceship is your home and your vessel through the cosmos. Customize it to suit your needs, upgrading components and enhancing capabilities. Tailor your spaceship to reflect your personality and playstyle.

– Procedurally generated galaxy:
Dive into an ever-changing universe, where surprises await at every turn. Traverse a rich Star-Map, uncovering procedurally generated outposts and stations. Forge your path through a galaxy that evolves with each decision you make.

– Social interactions:
Manage the trust and affection of each of your crew members. Witness how your choices affect your surroundings as you balance social interactions and moral dilemmas.